african grey purchased from etsy top ten domestic birds

scientific name:Psittacus erithacus

length: 2-4 inches


gender: female

quantity: 7 tail


native habitat:

central African rainforest




1. budgerigar (parakeet)

2. cockateil

3. finch

4. canary

5. lovebird

6. african grey

7. umbrella cockatoo

8. macaw

9. amazon parrot

10. comure

*african grey parrots are known as one of the most intelligent species of bird.


in recent years, much research has been done on the mental capacity of african G=grey parrots by scientists around the world. the most famous instance of this is the work that Dr. Irene Pepperberg conducted with her famous african grey, Alex.

using Alex and other African Greys in research trials focusing on communication, she was able to show that not only can african grey parrots learn an incredible amount of human

words, they can learn to use them in context to communicate with their owners.


it has been said that these impressive birds have the mental and emotional capacities of a 5 year old human child.


native habitat

Central African Rainforest