scientific name:Pandion haliaetus

length: 15.5 inches


gender: unknown

quantity: 2 wing

wild bird of prey

native habitat: world wide





98% fish, 2% rodents, rabbits, and other birds


the osprey is so well adapted to eating fish that it has closable nostrils to keep water out while diving for fish, and special barbed talons to hold their catch.

osprey's diet

a consistent pattern of motion to keep the bird aloft, birds will also often use winds drafts to soar and conserve energy

flight cycle

*this feather was the most difficult to obtain and is currently considered illegal to possess.


there are legal requirements to own a live raptor or

non-living raptor pieces.


U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management:

"if you would like to have a raptor feather you must have a federal permit issued under one of several laws and possibly

a state permit. the salvage permit allows one to possess

non-living raptors or raptor parts. dead specimens collected under this permit may be mounted, prepared as study skins,

or otherwise used for educational purposes."

found by a family friend
sea hawk, fish eagle, or river hawk

also commonly known as: